GAME DESCRIPTION is a free iogame. Youve got the touch youve got the power. ll you have to do is tap along to your favorite song and you might make it to the top of the pops or at least the top of the leaderboard. In you are an alien gridbot who is racing to the beat of their favorite song. Welcome to the slipstream a cloud-based arena where racers glide along to the beat of their favorite tunes and avoid cinder blocks as they collect beat tokens to make and break streaks. In order to score high youll have to navigate like a pro to avoid the obstacles and collect the tokens. All you have to do is tap left or tap right. That is it. This is an endless runner where you collect tokens and dodge cinderblocks. You will be scored based entirely on your longest streak. Your streak will be broken if you miss a token or smash into a cinderblock. Even though the controls are technically easy the game itself is pretty challenging. You can choose your own song to race to or upload one that you love. Each level is a different challenge and based on the beat of the song.