Cube Crash 2


Cube Crash II is the sequel to your favorite puzzle game Cube Crash. Get ready for 14 more levels to your favorite puzzle game. Cube Crash II is an easy-to-play game where the objective is to collect jewels for your collection. Click and break the blocks to free the jewels that will help you advance to the next level. As you’re playing look out for blocks that can help or hurt you. For instance hourglasses will give you more time but red ones will take away your time. Before your time is up you’ll hear a blaring siren that will warn you before you lose the game. You’ll also find swirl icons that will mix up your blocks which may or may not come at the best time. It’s up to you to think and figure out how to free the jewels from these colorful blocks. Once you’ve beaten all 14 levels submit your score. Click on the high scores tab in this online game to see how well you stack up against other jewel collectors.