GAME DESCRIPTION is the best first person arena style game you can play for free online. Dont believe us? Then strap in load up and lets go. Well show you. Well show you all! With an endless amount of items upgrades and ways to customize your character and weapons youll wonder why youve played anything else at all. Literally every other casual game every other first person arerna game all the other arena games the free games. All of them pale in comparison to a game which was designed and developed to be the ultimate in free online games. The graphics are realistic the gameplay is intuitive and addicting and the ability to learn and grrow with your character is unsurpassed. So pick a map grab your items and lets go! This is a game you will be telling your grandchildren about. A game that future generations will talk about as if it were a myth  secret a legend. You have the ability to play that game here and now so what are you waiting for?