GAME DESCRIPTION is a free arena survival game. Welcome to the jungle where evolution rules all. Choose your animal and jump into the arena. Will you be a shrimp a mouse a gentle bird or a squirrel? The choice is yours and once you make it youll be forced to survive in a world gone mad. is an arena game but it is also a survival and evolution game. Keep your character strong and growing while you level up to become an even more powerful version of yourself. In this game even if you arent the biggest brute on the bock you can team up with other smaller players in order to take swipes and bites at the tail of the big bullies. Youll be able to find hidey-hole develop powers like poison fly and explore the secret biome that is beneath all of our feet. is a game that has an instant and intuitive user interface which lets new players jump in and have fun right away but also offers deeper mechanics that reward long term players who have been around and learned more about the game. has been around for a long time as a result of players like you learning loving and coming back again and again.