GAME DESCRIPTION is a free iogame. Now is your chance to ascend the throne and become the monarch you deserve. This is not a title that will just be given to you however. It is something youll have to earn and youll earn it by cutting down the competition in this aggressive 2-D arena game. Welcome to the pit of Royalz where many enter but few survive. This is an attrition game where your kill count determines your status. If you want to impress the other players you can only do it by earning your way to the top of the pile. And you earn by winning and you win by obliterating the competition. Please bear in mind that the other players in this game are not simple AI but rather real live players from around the world. Do you think youre good enough to go head to head with some of the most bloodthirsty battle-hardened and ambitious brutes out there? Prove it in this arena game filled with weapons skins and cool maps.