GAME DESCRIPTION is a free iogame. Welcome to the wild and terrifying world of a gamer where you fight ninjas cash fat checks and retire to the leaderboard. This is a top-down 2D shooter game where it is just you against an unholy army of the undead. Search the map to find weapons the matching ammo and then jump into the fray of this arena game. In this game you will be trying to stay alive as zombies lumber around. Some of the zombies in this game that youll have to kill are big and lumbering and the other zombies are small and move fast. Whichever type of zombies you go up against youll have to figure out how to effectively take them down and stay alive. There is a large assortment of weapons on each level. Everything from AK-47s to Rocket Launchers. all of them are yours to find and yours to command. Once you find the weapon you can add it to your pack of up to 4 weapons. Use these. weapons strategically as you hunt down and destroy all of the enemy zombies.