GAME DESCRIPTION is a 3-D arena game. Become the secret agent of your dreams in this quirky 3-D arena game where you can blast your opponents with crazy weapons like an actual kitty cannon and a variety of unlockable uzis sniper rifles and the dreaded atomic chicken. Gather coins and win games in order to buy new weapons and customize your avatar. You can choose from ninjas clowns a guy with a pumpkin head and even a schoolgirl as your avatar. Load them up with a kitten cannon or a rocket launcher and start smashing away in the arena of your choice. Dont take any guff from anyone. You have the weapons you need to put the hurt on your opponents and its your right to do so. Play hard play often and smash them all with the unholy might of your kitten canon. This is war. And there can be no losers. Only school girls with rocket launchers or ninjaas with atomic roosters.